Millington Auction House

I would like to take the time to introduce ourselves & how we can be of service to you, your company & your clients.  We are an auction company that not only services folks by selling their personal belongings, but we also help clients clean out their homes, garages, storage units, etc.  If your client is looking to sell their home and doesn't want to be bothered by sorting everything from top to bottom, that’s where we step in & help.  We will gather all the belongings in the home & take it back to our shop to be sorted.  We will take photos of each item & develop an online auction once we have enough merchandise.  Otherwise, we can sort everything right onsite & have an auction onsite for all their belongings.  Depending on the number of items, will determine whether to sell the items onsite or online.  Either way, we are here to make things happen as smoothly as possible.

Keep in mind, we not only clean houses out and garages, but we also clean out storage units & barns.  If it’s something that can be sold, we can do it!  No more hassles with setting up a garage sale, pricing every item, waiting for people to browse through & hackle you on a price.  We take all the headaches away, while you are focusing on more important things to be done.

If this sounds like something, you’d like more information on, please give us a call & we will be glad to meet with you & discuss it in further detail.


L.R.S Management    989-882-9344 Full-Time Auction Company  !!